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If you, by chance, decide to do some running sprints on a treadmill, at a pace you can maybe run 2-3 minutes (and maybe can't, since you've been slacking), and also decide to sprint on alternate songs on your mp3 player, rather than figure out the treadmill controls, you should know whether or not you have any particularly long songs, and consider either changing your pace or skipping the song.

The "rest" songs came up as early (short) Beetles songs. The sprints were "I Shot the Sherrif", "Benny and the Jets", and "Stand by Me", all arrangements about five minutes.

Leading to Today's second lesson - my maximum heart rate is certainly above the charts maximum for my age, as I hit about 205 at the end of the third sprint.

At least "Hey Jude" didn't come up.

Back to my coding theory assignment, hopefully to be done in time for free dinner with the potential new students.

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