My cat has become far too interested in on of my aquariums.

See the little kitty tongue?
I think there's a part of my brain that is convinced I should be spending every minute on school work. I feel like I've slacked all day today, since I watched two hours of television and did a little shopping. Never mind that I went to class, sketched out a bit of a design, and spent a while trying to figure out a bounded model checking plugin for eclipse. It's a light day, but not a exceedingly so.

I really need to take this weekend off entirely. If I get my readings for Monday done tomorrow, I think I can do that.
Titled: "quantum-mechanically entangled atoms and raising Schrodinger's cat"

I think I have to go, just because of that.
Today, there was a woman on the Sheppard subway car with me, with a pile of paper. Some had printed writing, some had red marker. Each had something like "Microwave weapons mimic pain", and she shuffled through them on the ride, displaying them to the car one at a time. When we got to Don Mills, she put them into her bag, and I think waited for the next train.

Yesterday, I was waiting for the subway, and a man dressed in a TTC uniform asked me for directions to the ticket booth.

I think I attract weird on the subway. Makes a long commute more interesting, at least.
and has some sort of opinion about public transit - fill in my survey:

Because given my time constraints, this is probably the best user study survey I'll come up with this week.

I'm going to have to try and accost people at bus stops too.

Doing research on people is fun. At least that's what I tell myself.
Insomnia sucks.
I'm very good at just missing buses, subways, streetcars, trains, and any other form of transit.

My commute is just over an hour each way, if the connections work. It's just too long to extend unnecessarily. The GO train makes it shorter, but a missed GO train is a bigger issue. I just missed it yesterday while I was buying tickets.

My workload is pretty impressive, though I've made a dent in it today. The office was dead quiet and I managed to keep focused for several hours in a row.

I'm still hoping to meet people...I'm not so much looking for friends, but for collaborators. Things always sound far better or worse in the echo chamber of my head than they do talking to other people.

My adviser doesn't want me to settle on a topic until at least January. Maybe that's good, given I seem to have picked a heavy course load.

I'm going to have to become more assertive. I spend too much time agonizing and revising any time I want to e-mail a prof, especially if I'm asking them to do something for me. But I know I can't just wait for someone to offer me whatever help I need.

But that commute is just killing me.
So, I was feeling a little pudgy a month ago, and couldn't find any pants that fit me that weren't worn out, so I went out and bought a couple pairs of nice jeans.

OK, fine, I got a size that wasn't too tight, but fit against my hips and weight. Great. Time passes, I lost maybe a pound, but the new pants are too big in the waist and hips. I give up! My body has a set weight, but no set shape, it seems.
I meant to work at home all day, but the roofers are just getting to me.

The work on the roof is pretty distracting, and often sounds like it's in another room of the house. But what really gets me me is hearing the roofers' radio through the vents.

Oh well, I guess getting some laundry and baking done is useful.
Today there's a smog warning, an extreme heat alert, a very high UV level, a thunderstorm watch, a humidex warning, and who knows what else. Going out for a jog is just not going to happen. Hell, catching the bus to the pool seems very ambitious. I think today's plan is to sit here and read "Collapse".

And I just committed to stay in this climate for four or five years?
I am so not acclimatized to warm humid weather.

I don't know how people live in hot climates. I'd be out of the house during prime telemarketing and door-to-door soliciting hours.

No, rodgers, I do not want to move my home phone to your service. You guys never leave me alone, and your customer service is lousy, so I would rather move my internet away from your service than give you more business.

And I don't want fixed price electricity or gas. I can do arithmetic, something most of you salespeople can't do. Besides, you tried to trick me into signing up for something like that when I moved in, made it seem like it was just a moving-in thing, didn't ever use the words fixed-cost, just asked my name and sign here, only got the story out of you when I realized Len had already authorized things.

And despite the merit of your charity, I really don't like giving charitable donations over the phone. It's impossible for me to check up on you when you call me up. And I don't like being put on the spot.

I don't need windows, doors, or a roof. This is a condo. My old place was an apartment. And my asthma is acting up already, so I don't want a duct cleaning.

And for the last time, would you please stop asking for "Mr. or Mrs. (my last name, or Len's full name, both badly mangled). Not every person with a phone is part of a married couple with matching names.

Well, I passed my M2 exam at the end of the course. I did better than I thought I would, as it was immensely frustrating to figure out one set of movements, and then immediately have to move on just as I seemed to get it. Heh, I think they should offer a longer version of the course.

Now to write out an invoice, do a little housework, and hopefully get to the pool for a n hour or two.
It's the second day of the motorcycle course. The blisters on my feet from new boots are putting a little damper on my fun, but the first day went reasonably well. There's exactly one other woman on the course, and most of the other students have experience (lots of guys who used to ride, or who claim to have a motorcycle or ride dirt bikes). I heard that, and was rather intimidated. Fortunately, most of the exercises yesterday seem to have come relatively easy. I started without stalling (stalled a couple times trying to get a smooth start with more speed, but not often and not the first time I started) and once we got past the push the motorcycles balance exercises, I did pretty well. Being in good shape seemed to be an advantage. I also was the only person wearing something more protective than jeans (after hearing they offer no protection in a crash). But I didn't fall down, though a couple guys did.

I'm still kind of nervous, but I think today should go well.
I'm off to the first day of my motorcycle course at Humber. I've wanted to do this for a while, for various reasons. Mostly, I just like machines, not necessarily in an engineering sense, and I like the sensation of moving not in a car. I'm a little nervous, not about hurting myself, but about not picking things up. I've got all the gear (stupid me read that jeans don't help prevent injuries, so I spent an extra morning and small pile of cash buying motorcycle pants). I guess I'd just better get going on this.


Jul. 8th, 2007 07:55 pm
I woke up in time to make swimming for the first time in two weeks (stupid flu, stupid working) to make a dent in my pudge.

Then Len and I got going on the decluttering. We now have a visible bedroom floor, several bags of stuff for goodwill, the winter sweaters folded and packed away, and a start on the general cleanup.

Then I went shopping, and bought pants that fit my current physique.

Yay, progress. At least I'm not getting further behind on my to-dos.
I just got home. It's 7:30. I started work at 6 this morning. On Monday I started work at 4:30.

I'm going back in to meet the start of the night shift, at 2am. I'm leaving about 1:30.

And on this little sleep, I'm going to try to come up with a clever solution to problems.

And I'm sneezing and otherwise stuffed up...I hope it's just allergies.

Somebody get me off this ride.
I'm just writing these down in public so I can shame myself into doing them:

I will:

Do my shoulder exercises every morning, to keep the nagging shoulder injury from coming back when I:
Get back into my regular exercise routine, particularly swimming
Lose the couple pounds from fast-food lunches every day, so I fit back into most of my pants
Finish reviewing my undergrad math (particularly the linear algebra I'm embarassed to have forgotten)
Keep the dishes clean (I have a sink again, must keep it there)


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