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I have to present a project tomorrow - and it's only sort of almost maybe done. And I have a huge amount of work yet to do on a theory assignment, which I have barely looked at. Then there's a project which is supposed to take two weeks of effort, plus some "negotiation", using various modeling tools I really don't know, that I can start when this is all done. I'm hoping I don't have to give more than one day to marking exams, but fortunately that's likely.

I really wanted to take a couple weeks off over Christmas, but I keep counting to "almost next term" with what I have left to do. I've been working weekends, and it just doesn't do it for me. I wanted to do a little more reading to decide if I want to take on a project my supervisor suggested, or refine another idea.

Ugh, back to powerpoint, and trying to refine some scattered ideas. Somebody take me out somewhere soon.

Though it's a decent kind of stress - I'm enjoying much of what I do, and hopefully, I'll feel a little less lost soon.
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