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It's snowing now. It's coming down in those perfect, big fluffy flakes. My back yard is covered in a blanket of fluffy stuff,without a single footprint on it.

I really want to find my snowsuit and go walk in the park. I want to drag out my box of christmas stuff, and put up some lights and a tree, and sip hot chocolate while I watch the candle my mother-in-law gave me burn down to its December 4th mark. Maybe I could butcher a little music on the violin. I'd love to be skiing, either cross-country or downhill, through this fluff.

What I really don't want to do is finish my model checking assignment, or write my ubiquitous computing project report.

Guess I'll just make another pot of coffee, and promise myself a day in the snow next week sometime. Or I'll bring my skates in, and go to Nathan Philips' Square after I finish my demo on Friday. I'll put the lights up on Saturday or something.

OK, back to work. Really.

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